Macau in March

March 12: Marielle, my dad, and I flew to Macau to meet up with my mom, who had gone there with a medical contingent at the start of the week. On our first day we went to the Hotel Venetian (MASSIVE!) then explored the streets around our Hotel, the Lisboa. We had an uber-late dinner at the Wynn (Il Teatro) before heading off to bed. 

Macau Day One: Skyline
Macau Day One: Model of the Universe at the Venetian
Macau Day One: Wannabe Gondolier
Macau Day One: Lights at the Venetian
Macau Day One: Street at Night
Macau Day One: Near the Wynn
Macau Day One: Prosperity Tree at the Wynn

March 13: Lost in Macau! No, not really. Spent the morning and early part of the afternoon at Senado Square (Largo do Senado/Sun Ma Lo) shopping and eating. Then we visited the Ruins of St. Paul church and the nearby Museum of Macau and Fortress Garden. Met up with Mico Aguilar (who works as a chef at the Wynn) for coffee, then walked about the city at night.

Macau Day Two: Trying Not to Get Lost
Macau Day Two: Chinese Warrior
Macau Day Two: Portuguese Warrior
Macau Day Two: Mailbox
Macau Day Two: Riding the Cannon
Macau Day Two: A One-Gun Salute
Macau Day Two: Food!
Macau Day Two: Noodle Soup!
Macau Day Two: Grand Lisboa

March 14: New Yao Han shopping center (and Angela’s Cafe). Hoofed it to the Grand Prix and Wine Museum, then just across the street to the Golden Lotus in Full Bloom. Fisherman’s Wharf, then laptop shopping. And more shopping.

Macau Day Three: Grand Prix Museum
Macau Day Three: Fisherman's Wharf
Macau Day Three: Preserved Meats
Macau Day Three: Laptop Shopping

March 15: After a hearty breakfast in Macau, we took the ferry ride to Hong Kong and then took the MTR to HK Disneyland.

Disneyland Day: Breakfast in Macau at Cafe e Nata
Disneyland Day: Buying MTR Tickets
Disneyland Day: We're Here
Disneyland Day: Belle
Disneyland Day: Heavy!
Disneyland Day: To the Rescue
Disneyland Day: Popsicles
Disneyland Day: Hair Toss
Disneyland Day: Grumpy
Disneyland Day: Stitch!

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