The first time I went to Vigan, it was just a pitstop on my way home from Laoag. We were there for all of 30 minutes, during which we just took photographs of Calle Crisologo, the most well-preserved street in Vigan showcasing vintage building facades.

Laoag with LAC: Sidetrip to Vigan

Last March 21 I had the opportunity to enjoy Vigan better with friends from church during our Holy Week road trip (we stayed in Baguio and made a day trip to Vigan). We came on Good Friday, making the long drive from Baguio through La Union and the various towns of Ilocos Sur. It was lunch time when we got there. I thought the shops would be closed, but Holy Week means big business for this tourist spot. We had lunch at Cafe Leona, chowing down on bagnet and pinakbet before walking down Calle Crisologo.

Vigan: Calle Crisologo

We had a lot of laughs taking photos at the souvenir and curiosity shops, but I think in part I can credit this to the sense of self-deprecating humor within our group.

Vigan: Tambay

Vigan: Whip It Good
Vigan: Shhh

Vigan: Oldskool Newskool

We even disovered a little treasure named Bernie, Vigan’s government dog. Such a cutie!

Vigan: Bernie the town dog

I would have been content to end there, but the group then decided to take kalesa rides to an old bell tower where scenes for the late Fernando Poe, Jr.’s Panday film had been shot.

Vigan: Kalesa Ride

As night began to fall, we savored our last photos and put our own spin on this landmark. Our only gripe about the road trip to Vigan is that it takes too long!

Vigan: Belltower

Vigan: Power Rangers?
Vigan: Belltower at Night

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