Fiending for Sushi!

Sushis made in France 3
I stopped eating sushi around five years ago when I committed to low-carb dieting to bring my weight down. Sure I’d wolf down grams upon grams of tuna and salmon sashimi, but I stayed away from the rice rolls.

Since my weight’s now in the more manageable range, there’s no reason for me to enjoy these little nuggets of heaven. Three weeks ago was the first time the sushi craving struck really badly. I ended up in a Kitaro near our house and ordered their Crunchy Tuna Roll. It hit the spot momentarily, but that evening my parents and I found ourselves at Tempura Japanese Grill on Club Filipino Ave. in Greenhills, and we ordered the Caterpillar Roll (eel, mango, and cream cheese) — twice!

Today I was in Trinoma and came across Smairu (a Katakanization of “smile”, perhaps?) in the food choices area. On display at the sushi bar were packages of eight maki pieces each, priced at P88 per package. I bought the Hiroshima (salmon) and Bomb (spicy tuna) plates, and while they weren’t rolled as tightly as I prefer, it was still solid bang for the buck (pun intended).

Every time I look at restaurants’ sushi menus I’m surprised by the variety they offer. Back in the day I’d usually see only tuna (boring!) and california (I can’t eat crabstick) maki on menus. Now, with all of the choices available, I will definitely have more reason to eat sushi.


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  • September 12, 2008 at 10:45 am

    I haven’t eaten sushi or sashimi in ages. Thanks for making me crave. =P


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