Run for Home Official Results

Because of that cool hi-tech Champion chip we all tied into our shoelaces during the Globe-AyalaLand Run for Home event, I now have race analysis and info of how I did during the race. Ü

(If you want to see the page for yourself, check out RunPix at Globe-AyalaLand Run for Home, enter bib number 4405, and click on the 10K button.)

Run for Home - Info & Summary

I initially wrote that I finished at a time of 52 minute and 2 seconds, but that’s the approximate amount of time from starting gun until I reached the finish line. I had a lag of 30+ seconds getting to the starting line though, since I placed myself behind the elite runners. That’s why my net time registers at 51 minutes and 31 seconds. I know, it surprised me, too.

The next two graphs were even more astonishing.

Run for Home - Results by Gender
Run for Home - Result by Division

So, if I were just running a race against other women, these would be the gross results. I’m going to chalk it up to my innate competitiveness: every time I saw a woman running ahead of me, I’d put on some speed to overtake her. Run for Home - vs. MenBut there was one tidbit of info that I had a good laugh at: I’d outpaced 94% of the male runners. There were more men than women in the entire field, but it gave me a weird sense of satisfaction seeing this graph:

Run for Home - Finish Line
It’s Running Men! Hallelujah!

Run for Home - PassingAfter the 5K mark, I overtook 7 people, though 6 people who were behind me before the split raced past me. Run for Home - Speed per SplitIn my previous post I thought I was putting on speed at the end of the race; however, my result shows that I ran my fastest during the first 5K, and slowed down by 1 km/h during the second half. This is what’s called a “positive split” in runner’s terminology. (Thanks to, I’m learning a lot about this new sport I’ve picked up.)

I think I did pretty well in the speed department, though.

Run for Home - Time per mile and kilometerRun for Home - Average Speed

Overall, it was a wonderful race and I didn’t think I had it in me to do as well as I did. I really think it was by the grace of God I didn’t cramp and was able to fight off temptations to slow down to a walk, since that was my usual modus operandi in my training sessions on the treadmill.

I signed up for the Kenny’s Open ’09 Urbanite Run (10K). I’d like to see whether I can beat this time, or whether it was just a fluke. Will I see you there? Ü

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Up and Running for Home

I’m an on-again, off-again runner and I’ve never competed in a race, so I ponied up the cash and joined the Globe Run for Home race, a charity run to benefit Habitat for Humanity. There were 3k, 5k, 10k, and 21k events, but the closest I’d ever gotten to running 10 kilometers was doing 4 rounds on the UP Academic Oval (8.8km). So last Monday I timed myself on the gym treadmill: I clocked my 10km at 54 minutes 31 seconds (split time: 27 minutes and 52 seconds for 5km). I thought, “OK, good enough.”

Run for Home - my race kit

in my race kit

I was up at 3am this morning getting ready for the race: nutrition, hydration, decoration (LOL! Of course you have to look good while running!). I’d even made a running playlist the night before.

    Noelle’s Running Playlist

  1. Tiesto – Elements of Life
  2. Tiesto – Sweet Things
  3. Black Box – Everybody Everybody (Benny Benassi Remix)
  4. Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Alive 2007)
  5. Tiesto – In the Dark
  6. Da Hool – Meet Her at the Love Parade
  7. Voodoo & Serano – Blood is Pumping vs. E-Samba
  8. Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around… (Paul van Dyk Club Mix)
  9. Freemasons – Rain Down Love (Funk Mobb Remix)
  10. Booty Luv – Say It
  11. Shapeshifters – Incredible (Denis the Menace & Jerry Roperos)
  12. Fragma – Toca’s Miracle
  13. Paul Oakenfold – Ready Steady Go
  14. Tiesto – Do You Feel Me
  15. DJ Visage – Formula One (The Schumacher Song)
  16. Tiesto – Everything

I still underestimated the time I needed to get ready, so I found myself speeding at 90kph on EDSA just to get to Fort before assembly time at 5:15am. I arrived just as the 21k runners set off.

Run for Home - start

starting line

Since I was all by my lonesome, I had no one to talk to, or take photos with. But you know what? That’s exactly how I like my running: by myself, not trying to catch up to or wait for anyone else.

Run for Home: at the assembly point

caught on a stranger’s phone cam

I started pounding pavement with more than 1,000 participants at 5:45am. The sunrise tinted the cirrus clouds red above us, but the air was still cool with dew. Our route led us up and over the flyover from the Fort onto Buendia, crossing Paseo de Roxas and Makati Ave. before looping back on itself at Ayala Ave.

Run for Home - route map

10k route map

Normally the only treads on that flyover are made by tires. Today, I saw the marks of running shoes wet with water and 100-Plus drink on the asphalt. I started running ahead of the 5min30sec/km pacer and steadily increased my speed as I approached the halfway mark. The adrenaline kicked in as I made that U-turn for the long road back to the finish line, and at 1km to go, I started sprinting for it.

There were several digital clocks at the finish line showing the time elapsed for each event. I kept my eyes on the 10k clock as the seconds ticked by, and clocked myself at 52 minutes and 2 seconds at the finish line.

Run for Home - finish

me at the finish line 40 minutes after I crossed it

“Incredible” was ringing in my ears, and it really was incredible. A wave of endorphins surged into my bloodstream as I slowed down, and for the first time I experienced a “runner’s high.” No wonder there are so many recreational runners out there who aren’t in it to win, but just to finish!

I took the photos in this post after my run and stayed around to find out how long it took for the top three runners to finish their 10k. I was aghast when I found out they had sub-45 minute times! Sigh.

Before I made my way to the Fitness First branch in Fort for a shower and steam bath, I popped in at Krispy Kreme for a doughnut and coffee. Apparently I wasn’t the only one with the same idea; other runners were also stuffing their faces as a reward for the morning’s exertions.

Run for Home - runners at Krispy Kreme
Run for Home - donut and coffee

making calorie burning futile

Official race results and analyses will be up by July 23. ‘Til next time!


Kikay Monday

I got some wonderful stuff over the weekend, and my policy has always been to use new things at the first opportunity. First things first: the Ellana Minerals samples!

Ellana Minerals free samples
Hazelnut Latte and Caramel Latte foundation, Espresso con Panna finishing powder

After moisturizing my face with Olay Total Effects cream, I brushed on a teensy amount of Caramel Latte foundation all over my face — it really does go a long way! I dabbed on some Elianto concealer under my eyes, then matte-fied my entire face with the Espresso con Panna finishing powder. Just to add some color back, I used some beige eyeshadow (two tones) from Clinique, then dusted Nichido Cool Rum and Passionate Red blushes onto my cheekbones. Strawberry lip balm from Nivea finished this barely-there look.

Ellana mineral foundation w/ Clinique eyeshadow

What do you think?

Jellybean green sundress with Clinique loot bag
The makeup had to be light because I was stepping out in a sundress I’d bought on sale at Jellybean the previous day. (From 799 pesos, the dress price had been slashed down to 400 pesos Ü) I wore a bandeau bra to conceal some assets, then used the Clinique loot bag I’d picked up from the makeup event two months ago as a handbag. My trusty gold Havaianas completed the laid-back look.

It may have been raining on Monday, but I felt like summer. Ü

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“Weekend Warriors: Surfing” on!

Remember that surf trip to Club Manila East I went on last month? It was a shoot for “Weekend Warriors”, one of the many web-only shows featured on, the first online Pinoy video channel. My surfing episode is the second one, and now it’s up online! Check it out below, or head on over to Weekend Warriors: Surfing on



Funny, I could swear I had better footage than that. LOL! ๐Ÿ˜€

Philippine Blog Awards 2009

As you might recall, last year this blog was a finalist at the Philippine Blog Awards under the Travel category. This year I’ve had a chance to evaluate what this blog is about, and it’s not about the nitty-gritty details of traveling to destinations (which is the description of the travel category). It’s about my fascination with travel and the things to do when you get to the destination. It’s a small difference, but enough to make me re-categorize this blog under Hobby & Recreation.

Hopefully I make the finals again this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

Not-So Extreme Makeover

While my efforts aren’t of Extreme Makeover magnitude, I’ve steadily been fixing up my room. Last month I tossed out a mountain of old clothes I haven’t worn in years and reorganized my closets in an effort that would have made Martha Stewart proud.

Yesterday I gave my room a thorough cleaning and organizing that yielded dust bunnies galore and a stack of empty shoeboxes. After dusting off the tabletops, putting a fresh sheet on the bed, and de-cluttering my dresser, I once again have a tranquil space of my own. The last time I did something of this magnitude was back in 2006! (And what do you know? It was in July as well.)

Voila! I present to you, my sparkling clean room!

dresser area
bed and study
my bookshelf
No “Before” pics. Those are the stuff of nightmares.

Since I use my room as an office when I write, it’s as though de-cluttering it also de-cluttered my mind. I feel so efficient and creative now!

And speaking of makeovers, look what arrived in the mail:

Ellana Minerals free sample kit
free samples and catalogue from Ellana Minerals

I ordered some samples from Ellana Minerals on Liz‘s recommendation. It’s just 50 pesos for the shipping and you get two packets of foundation (different shades) and one packet of finishing powder. I can’t wait to try them tomorrow!


Celebrating in Style

My birthday was on the 4th of July, but I practically started celebrating it the moment July began, with some shopping. I was looking for a birthday dress and something to wear to the launch at Fiamma on the 2nd. Landmark Department Store at Trinoma always has a wide range of great dresses that don’t tear holes in my wallet. And guess what? My dress made it into’s coverage of the party. Launch

I am a very stylish girl. Also this cost less than 500 pesos.

What a nice early birthday gift. But what I didn’t know was that my friends had gotten together and organized a surprise birthday party for me on the 3rd. To distract me, my sister took me shopping and bought me a straw fedora from Mint in Robinsons Galleria.

Birthday Surprise!

My birthday cupcakes! Please don’t count them.

Then the next morning my mom took me shopping for the family’s present. We got these lovely funky hi-cut skate shoes from DC Shoes at Res|Toe|Run.

Shoe Love: DC Shoes

I could walk all day in these.

In all, it was a retail therapy-filled birthday week. I’m happy to be starting another year (yes, I count in birthdays, not in New Year celebrations) with the people I love.

My Birthday - 4th of July

Happy Birthday to me!

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