How I Dressed for August Parties

I’m a big believer in choosing what to spend on and save on. Check out these two looks:

Black Asymmetrical Dress Pink Dress

Both of them I wore to cocktail parties from last month. Both dresses cost around 300 pesos: the pink one was 250 pesos from Express at Landmark, and the black one was 380 pesos from a bazaar. Since I don’t really like using the same dresses again for events, I aim to buy cheaper dresses so I can have lots of variety on a budget.

I used the same shoes (Nine West) and bag (Coach) — it’s always worth investing in basics that will look good with anything you wear.

Same goes for makeup; it’s great to have lots of variety when it comes to color for eyeshadow and blush, but for the foundation, what lies closest to my skin, I don’t scrimp. I used liquid foundation from Clinique, trying to achieve the poreless and sophisticated look. Did I succeed? I hope so.

Kiss kiss!

For whatever it’s worth, I always enjoy getting in my party finery and looking fabulous no matter the price.

P.S. I’d like to buy more from Clinique, but some of their products just don’t agree with me (except for the foundation and lipsticks). It’s a shame too, because until September 15 they’re giving away gift sets for single-receipt purchases of P3,500. You even get a travel bag if your purchase totals up to P4,000.

Clinique Clinique

I’m game to shop with someone to help them rack up that much in purchases. I need some more liquid foundation!

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