Slice ‘n’ Scrape

Filipino old wives’ tales tell us that Peeping Toms get kuliti, or styes. It’s not really true, of course. You can get styes from wearing old mascara, which is probably what happened. Still, this version of events is more entertaining…

One thing I mentioned from my Run for Home report is I ran past a cute and tall pacer running at 5’30/km. I didn’t mention that at the parking lot after the race, he was changing his shirt at his car, which was parked near mine. I snuck a photo:

the reason for my stye
the reason for my stye

God has a sense of humor. He must have been looking at me, shaking His head and saying, “My child, that’s very unbecoming of a princess in My kingdom.”

So, the next day I woke up with a stye. A HUGE ONE. One that, even after two weeks of treatment with medicines, was still with me. I even had to go to a party at Embassy trying to hide the stye with makeup.

It’s hard to party when you feel ugly.

Today, I went to the hospital where my dad works. I asked an opthalmologist to flip my eyelid, make an incision on the stye, and scrape it until it was hollow so I could finally be rid of it.

It was AWESOME. Also, painful.

I can haz eyepatch?

The bandages came off shortly after I got home, and I iced down the swelling. There’s just a little bruising on the eyelid, but I am finally rid of that stye.

I swear never to peep at anyone ever again.

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